It is better to avoid a gun fight than win one.

It is better to avoid a gun fight than win one.

We all talk tough… I’m guilty, too.  And most of us reading this far into the blog have the means to deal with an attacker or home invader.

But let’s shed some realiphotodune-10640477-gun-mON9ty on it…  If you are in a gunfight, regardless of whether you are in the right or in the wrong, your life will change forever — for the worse.  You may be prosecuted — translation — you are broke and homeless (unless you have a really nice nestegg).  Under some circumstances you will be sued in civil court… more of your stuff sold at auction (does your attorney work for free?)

You may not be able to work again.  George Zimmerman was acquitted quickly for a squeaky-clean self-defense shooting, and he cannot work — nobody will hire him.  Then that leads to finding trouble. He has contracts out on his life, with one instance of him being shot in the face and surviving. He got lucky because in FL you cannot be sued if you are acquitted of a shooting crime.  But his life is over.

A lady who tried to shoot out the tires of an escaping thief’s car in MI just lost her carry permit, and with good reason. She is indignant and says she will never try to help anybody again but it is her own poor judgment and lack of understanding of the basic concept of self-defense that brought this on herself.

Other facts:

— every witness sees it differently, and no two ever tell the exact same story (when they do, from experience as a cop I can tell you cops highly suspect a lie)

— every witness will tell a different story than you will

— your memory will change over time, as will everybody else’s

— there is a good chance that there will be one or more videos of the incident, and none of them may serve to help your case, but only hurt it

— when you go to court, the attorneys are the players; your life is the stakes.  Regardless of what happens to you, they will be playing golf that afternoon with each other.

Training beyond the minimal CWL requirements is a must, and how you will love to have your training log entered into evidence as an indicator of your good citizenship and responsibility with gun training! We offer advanced classes and private instruction.

It is a good idea to carry insurance for being involved in a shooting.  The NRA and others offer such programs, which among other things, put you in touch with lawyers who know firearms defense.  Please don’t use your real estate or divorce attorneys for this.

If your ego has you getting into these kinds of challenges from time to time, take some martial arts training.  We will cure you of your attitude quickly. You will learn to walk away.  If you already took martial arts training and have advanced belts and still look for trouble, you wasted your money on a poor school.

Is that property, your respect or your place on the road worth losing your freedom or life for?  Learn to avoid the gun fight, or any fight.