The New Face of Gun Sales

The New Face of Gun Sales

The last few weeks has made a huge difference in the firearms industry.  Obama has again secured his title as “Salesman of the Year.”  There is no shortage of reasons to carry a firearm in today’s society, but ignoring terrorism and calling it “work-place violence” while bringing in thousands of “refugees” from terrorist countries is among them.  This is not intended to be a political website but some facts are unavoidable. One is that We The People have en masse decided we are in greater danger and have flocked to our gun dealers to buy.

So, now the stores’ inventories are almost gone.  They will be depleted for awhile until this new demand is satisfied, which could be a year or more.  Long gone are the “sales” and “specials” (at least real ones!). If you see a gun you want, be prepared to buy it immediately.

The deals from the wholesalers have disappeared as well so the retailers like me are not really making anything more even though the prices have skyrocketed.  Price quotes have all expired and cannot be guaranteed past the time I am sitting with somebody and looking at the inventory of a wholesaler online or on the phone. I can save you a lot of legwork by looking up what is in stock at the wholesale level and reserving it for you on the spot.

It is not necessary to have the CWL to guy a gun from me.  The CWL does two things:  it allows legal carry, and it allows the waiver of the three-day waiting period for handguns. So, when you buy a gun to order from me, it will take at least the three business days to arrive for pickup, and the three days starts from the transfer of money. So, CWL or not, you take it home when it arrives.

On the subject of getting your CWL, if you have been hesitating, now is the time. Florida has been running close to 60 days turnaround from day of application, but I expect that to be increasing very soon. Ninety days is the statutory requirement for the Dept. to issue, but that’s a long time to wait.

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