September 11, 2021 — HOW CAN YOU STAY SAFE?

September 11, 2021 — HOW CAN YOU STAY SAFE?

On September 11. 2021, the same group of misfits are running Afghanistan as were running it on September 11, 2001. We all are acutely aware of the masssive and far-reaching blunders (or treason?) of this Administration. One of the key ones is that we as a country and as individuals are much less safe anywhere in the world, including our own country.

So this is probably the least safe 9/11 since 2001. The USA is perceived to be its weakest in two decades and incapable of doing anything right (and it took only eight months to accomplish that!).

The extensive illegal immigration we have been enduring this year has brought us the most unvetted invaders in our history. This all bodes very poorly for our personal safety.

Analyses vary, but most sources recognize that mass shootings (four or more victims killed) in the US have been spiking, with more than 600 in 2020, up 40% from 2019. That does not include bombings and other weapons attacks.

So, how can you stay safe?

Short of staying at home under the bed, there are a few strategies you can take with you if you venture out.

Since actual dates carry important symbolism in the Muslim world, September 11 itself is actually a much higher risk day than, say, 9/10 or 9/12. So, first of all, stay away from crowds: sporting or other big events, rallies, concerts, conventions; also big stores and malls and the like.

Be aware of who does NOT fit in, wherever and whenever you are out, whether due to inappropriate attire, a nervous or belligerent demeanor, or being where they are not expected or supposed to be. Don’t let the “woke” culture’s appeals to tolerance blind you to reality.

Be aware of packages, luggage/attache cases or backpacks that are unattended.

By all means, and always, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. If something seems “off,” GET OUT. Report your concerns on any of the above to an authority.

Getting out, escaping, running — whatever you want to call it — is your number one survival strategy to keep you alive.

Prepare yourself. Your safety is your responsibility, not somebody else’s, and certainly not the government’s. Take some martial arts / self-defense classes. Classes for all ages are available almost anywhere, and in the Venice FL area we exclusively recommend Revolutionary Martial Arts.

Arm yourself. Train first, then get a gun. A gun is your only realistic chance if confronted by someone armed with a gun. Of course, that is where we come in. We help you train and buy.

Your worst enemy might be the attitude that “it can’t/won’t happen to me.” That is a very dangerous roulette game, as these things do happen to people. Don’t train because it’s likely to happen to you, because it is not. Train because the consequences of such an attack, however unlikely, are so devastatingly horrific as to be completely unacceptable.

Handgun and USA flag