Anything new from San Bernardino?

Anything new from San Bernardino?

As the dust settles from the two dead gunmen in San Bernadino, what have we learned? Set aside the notions of  climate change, Islamophobia, the NRA, and a host of other silly blames extended by certain non-thinking individuals. Even set aside the very real threat to each American — Islamic Terror.

Bullets are bullets.  It does not matter who is launching them if they hit you.  When an event like this happens, people are dead before the first 911 call is made.  Then it goes out over the radio. SWAT is readied and dispatched. Officers arriving are setting up perimeters but not going in. Eventually SWAT goes in. In this case, the shooters were gone before the police made entry.

The reason the police were able to catch the shooters is that they were on their way to their second site. These vermin never plan to leave alive.

They prefer soft targets … translation — gun-free zones. Places where they know silly laws prevent people from defending themselves.

You are always your own First Responder, because when seconds count, the police are minutes away.  Otherwise you won’t live long enough to tell the story, in many cases.   Sure, luck or Providence may be on your side, but you are at the gunmen’s mercy if you are not armed.

So, yes, obviously, we need to always be armed… but what are we to do when primitive laws prohibit?  This is where your conscience must be your guide.   Whose responsibility is it to get yourself and your loved ones out alive?  Who needs to be there to earn a living and raise your kids? Not some silly Senator from NY or CA. Remember the old adage, “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.”