“Gun-Show Loophole” — Myth or Reality?

“Gun-Show Loophole” — Myth or Reality?

We hear so much today about the supposed “gun-show loophole.” In fact, we hear so much about it one might be tempted to think it really existed.

What do they say? The Dems and the Left (and a few RINO’s) say that you can go into a gun show and buy a gun without a background check. Further, that is the reason, along with 30 rd magazines and AR-15’s, that we have so many mass school shootings.

Take a deep breath… let’s leave the Dem world of make-believe and learn.

First of all, guns are a legal product. With a few exceptions, Americans can own one or a thousand guns if they choose. The Left wants you to believe that anybody who would even own a gun is a nutjob (this comes from their innate cowardice and inability and lack of desire to protect their own, but I digress…).

There is also a license that allows certain individuals who have gone through various background checks, including inquiries with their local Chief of Police or Sheriff, to sell guns interstate, called for short, FFL. I am one of these people. This system was to replace mail-order guns of the past (ie. days when the Left had not sufficiently destroyed our value system that we could do so without concern). So, these FFL’s can buy and sell guns nationwide and have them shipped to them, so that the average Joe can buy one in his own state, since current Federal law prohibits handgun sales to someone not residing in your same state (and many state laws do as well for rifles and shotguns).

Supposing that you had a gun and wanted to sell it to your next-door neighbor. Or suppose it was a car, or lawnmower, or just about any legal product. You would do so without the need to inform the Government that you intend to do so. If you have knowledge that he is a doper or felon, you cannot make that gun sale. Works fine. Is this a “gun-show loophole”?

Now, supposing you took in the local gun show and so did your neighbor, and you both got to talking, and decided to make that transaction. You can do so there in the show, in the parking lot, or in your driveway. It is all legal, and should be. Is this now a “gun-show loophole”?

(DRUM ROLL…..) That, My Friends, is the “gun-show loophole.” It is making such a transaction within the walls of the show, and not out in the parking lot or your driveway.

The Left and Dems will complain that not all purchases at a gun show require a background check, the supposed “gun-show loophole”. FACT: EVERY gun purchase through an FFL requires a background check, which is every booth in the show that sells guns. Private citizens have always been exempt from this, besides which, how would you run a background check on somebody anyway? And how would you know they told you the truth? You might not, and nobody does for sure.

According to the U.S. Secret Service (see my other recent blogs): https://commandperformance.info/u-s-secret-service-analysis-of-targeted-school-violence-blog-1/


FACT: 61% of school attacks used guns, 2/3 of which were handguns and one third, long guns (ie. rifles and /or shotguns). 39% used knives; FACT: 76% of attackers acquired the gun used in the attack from a parent or close relative

Aside from all of the other disinformation that comes from the Left and Dems, AR-15s are not often used in mass murders, and guns are generally obtained legally. Often they are “legal” because of failures in communication and Government policy that keep needed information from getting into proper hands. In the same way, guns purchased through private parties are not a major factor in crime in general, much less, mass murders.

So, why do they push “gun-show loopholes”? Of course a few are misinformed, but more often disinformed, about the topic. Some actually believe their own lies which they made up. But the rest… their end game is always confiscation. They don’t attempt to hide that fact anymore. They hate that the Government is not compiling a list of owners that they can visit and seize their guns. It is really that simple. And what can a government do with an unarmed populace? Anything it wants…