Some shots from our recent ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING

Some shots from our recent ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING


The unthinkable occurs…  you are enjoying a movie in a crowded theater and shots break out… a madman is shooting everyone in sight. How will you survive?  Will you survive?

You are at the mall and suddenly there’s mass chaos… somebody yells “he has a gun” and you seem to be in the middle of it all… your family is counting on you to protect them.  Will you make the moves required to save them?

You accidently dine at a “gun-free zone” restaurant, and two thugs come in shooting…  can you do it?  Will you do it?  Will you win?

Police and other emergency agencies train for these types of events:  shootings (occasionally knives or other weapons are used) in a crowded space impacting crowds of innocent civilians.

Corporations train their employees to respond to survive.

Who trains the average person on the street? WE DO.

Revolutionary Martial Arts and Fitness and Command Performance Firearms and Security are conducting a hands-on training seminar

Thursday Aug. 18, 2016  6:00 – 9:00pm at the RMAF training facility at 2141 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice. 

You will learn:

— the dynamics of active shooter incidents

— the effective response options available to you

— the legal implications of taking defensive action

— how to identify suspects in advance

— how to mount an armed response, if appropriate

— how to mount an unarmed response, if appropriate

— how to interact with police during and after the incident

In addition to the information you will receive, you will see some demonstrations (using dummy guns) of strategic armed responses and will learn (using dummy guns and knives) how to disarm an attacker, and other unarmed techniques.

Wear tennis shoes or stocking feet, and comfortable clothing, as this is hands-on, but not rough, and suitable for any fitness level.

Your Instructors:

Master Buck Buckmaster, 5th Degree Black Belt

Paul DeClark, 25 year NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in Seven Disciplines, and 2nd Degree Black Belt

Cost:  $100 per person, in advance; $125 at the door. Those bringing guests will receive a $20 credit per each. To register by check or cash, contact Buck at 586.703.4526. To pay by credit card, call Paul at 941.504.9525.  SPACE IS LIMITED.