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instructor_logoWe offer the Concealed Weapons License course every third Saturday in Venice, Florida, as well as at other times by appointment. Our CWL course is much more than the basics, as we completely cover safety, firearms laws, self-defense scenarios, and all handgun functioning. Our CWL course consists of a three hour classroom covering the above information and much more, and attendees learn to make safe any handgun. The classroom is followed up with a 60-90 minute one-on-one training at a local indoor range after which students feel quite comfortable hitting center of mass at seven yards. It is not necessary to own a gun prior to the class, and it is advisable to wait to purchase one until after the class. We will let you try several guns and use one for your range training. $125. with earlybird pricing available. Call for group rates.

We offer a “Next Steps” mid-level course. It is available to anyone with a CWL or anyone who has been through our CWL course. The curriculum includes firing from a holster, firing from various positions and on the move, dealing with multiple assailants, responding to shooting in a crowd, off-hand and one-handed shooting and reloading, and much more. The class is held at a private outdoor range. $165.00 with earlybird pricing available.

Private instruction for all levels is available by appointment at an hourly rate. Contact Paul for pricing.

We provide martial arts instruction in association with Revolutionary Martial Arts and Fitness in Venice.