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Pastors and Church Board Members have always had to make tough decisions in a hostile world.  What has been increasingly in the news (but which has been going on for a long time) is attacks on the flock.

No doubt you have contemplated the “what if’s” and may or may not have come up with an answer.  Yes, trust in Jesus is essential but if you wonder if (or are sure that) He meant for us to protect ourselves and loved ones, I can help.

It is not enough for the pastor and/or one or more congregants to carry a concealed weapon.  There are legal — both criminal and civil — consequences that can result from that decision.  Situation shooting training for crowds, in various positions, and from the holster are needed, just to start.  Planning and protocols are needed, as well as less-than-lethal responses to hecklers and irate individuals on the property.  De-escalation techniques and weapons disarms training is necessary as well.  Medical and weather emergencies, child abductions, estranged spouse issues, and much more, open a potentially back-breaking can of worms for churches.

I’ve read some news accounts since the recent South Carolina incident which explain what some church leaders are doing to protect themselves.  SOME OF IT IS ILLEGAL. Don’t run the risk of becoming the criminal if such a scenario erupts in your church.

I offer a free, no-obligation review of your security and safety program.  If you decide you need more and want me to help develop a plan and train your volunteers, I will prepare a written proposal for you to examine and share with other decision makers in your church.