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Firearms Training & Security Consulting

Our objective is to provide you with quality firearms training and education in the use and safe handling of guns. We provide a combination of classroom instruction and practical exercises designed to develop proficient safety and shooting skills.

If you’re like us and follow the news on a daily basis, you are probably just as disturbed as we are at the level of violence in our society and communities. It’s difficult to go one day without seeing at least one news story involving a shooting or violent death too close to home. Most recently we’ve seen law enforcement officers and military personnel being targeted in ambush attacks with firearms.

Whether you are starting out in firearms for interest, personal defense or work, or if you are a seasoned professional, we offer firearms training based on your needs and goals. From basic firearms safety to advanced handgun techniques, we have you covered.


Special Order Gun Dealer – Gunsmith Services

As an added bonus, we are a special order gun dealer of new and used firearms and we provide gunsmith services for minor repairs, parts replacement, and metal refinishing.